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Anago and scallop terrine, with turnip on the side. Sparerib in rose champagne.
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“Menu Tasting” lunch、¥1900。お飲み物(ワインかコーヒー)が一杯付く。
“Grand dessert”、¥1250。

5 thoughts on “L’Alliance(ラリアンス)

  1. Considering how elaborate the interior and the service are, the food is just so-so lor.

  2. O.O the website shows how super FANCY the place is, your picture didn’t capture the scope of it (the stairs! the high ceiling tall glasses… wow!!!) The glasses look so pretty. Is it common in Japan to have “menu tasting” lunch (a gimmicky way to push business)? I know there’re wine-tasting bistro in LA, didn’t know if any offer entire courses-sample. That’s such a good idea, for small stomach people yet get to taste so many things.

  3. OH it is..duh…yet look at all those media coverage on the website as if they’re very renoun…guess for the surface package only.

  4. What? You are quick, haha! ^^;;;

    I know, it is so strange, cos the restaurant seems to have good reviews….you can say it is just “cheap menu-tasting” so you can’t expect very high quality, but hey, if it doesn’t show the standard of the chef then what is the point of the tasting?!! Or am I just fussy?? ^^;;;

    Yeah, the restaurant is very beautiful though I didn’t see the whole place, just sat at the bottom of the stairs facing the kitchen. Can you imagine, I had to tell the front door people my name, so that they can put a reservation card with my name on the table by the time I get there(like 10 seconds walk), and all rich madams surrounding me, and I was in my T-shirt and jeans and dirty handbag, taking pictures of my food…^^;;; But at least the waitors were nice…^^;;;

    Well, the proper lunch course is like 4000yen+, so I guess 1900yen is a good price to try out the restaurant, which I don’t think I want to go back again. ^^;;

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