Les Ailes Vertes (レ・ゼール・ヴェルト@神谷町)

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This restaurant’s owner sells meat so the cooking-style is simple but quality of the meat is really high. The choco cake has hot choco fudge inside which is really yummy~~It is my second time to dine in this restaurant – see tag for the old entry.
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Foie gras pate. Roasted pork. Simple but juicy – meat heaven ho ho.
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Chocolate cake. Pistachio blanc manger.
About 5500yen per person.
Les Ailes Vertes

2 thoughts on “Les Ailes Vertes (レ・ゼール・ヴェルト@神谷町)

  1. foie gras pate…loks so yummy~~ is that pistachio inside?
    The pork looks crazily big portion~ The choco cake a bit normal looking, the Pistachio blanc manger is foamy, seem good~

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