Brasserie Gus (ブラッセリー・グー)

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Terrine, onion quiche and grilled scallop, very good!
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0609 016.jpg野菜とベーコンのスープ。骨付き羊ロースト。チョコレートケーキ。2100円のランチコース、コーヒーは別料金で315円。
Vegetables and bacon soup. Roasted lamb. Chocolate cake. The lamb is wonderful~~Very satisfying lunch!

2 thoughts on “Brasserie Gus (ブラッセリー・グー)

  1. wow so much food~~ (that terrain and quiche can be my lunch already :D) The lamb~~ O.O It’s way too luxurious haha!

  2. Actually I was really stuffed too…and I didn’t need dinner at all!!

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