Bistro de Bave (ビストロ・ド・バーブ)

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鶏のレバーのムース。Chicken liver mousse.
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羊のロースト。メープルシロップのタルト。コーヒー付きで、1600円。Roasted lamb. Maple syrup tart. The roasted lamb the previous day was much more tender and soft though it is cheaper in this place, more macho too haha.

2 thoughts on “Bistro de Bave (ビストロ・ド・バーブ)

  1. More macho? haha u mean the interior is less girly?

    the peach color moose thing looks interesting…tuna moose or something?

  2. Interior less girly, groups of salarymen having lunch there that I rarely see in French restaurants, the food menu is like “meat meat meat fish meat meat and meat”, and also the waitor was a big guy. ^^;;;

    It is chicken liver mousse, a bit bitter but nice!

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