La Tourelle (ラ・トゥーエル)

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From 3780yen lunch.
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Foie gras and eel. The foie gras is great but the eel and the sauce are a bit too sweet.
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The lobster sauce is really good.
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幼鴨胸肉のロースト オレンジマーマレードソース。白ゴマブランマンジェ、と豆が色々入ってるスープ。
Roasted duck breast with orange marmalade sauce. Good but again too sweet. White sesame blanc manger in bean soup.

3 thoughts on “La Tourelle (ラ・トゥーエル)

  1. Back to french? 🙂
    The burnt logo on the bread loft is so cute!!
    What a fancy lunch set, everything looks really good.

  2. Looks like a nice suburban house from outside
    they gave you a loaf of bread (have to cut yourself? ^^;;)
    The sorbet glass set is so pretty.
    The bean soup pudding looks good, reminded me of this southern asia dessert with sweeten beans.
    Japanese tends to eat sweet huh…

    From website, it also has cooking school in there, wow~

  3. Lunch with friends! Excuse to be luxurious…^^;;;; Yeah again the restaurant house is in the middle of a residential area. The bread is actually not that big, maybe as much as two small rolls, it is so good that I ate mine, and also half of my friend’s….^^;;; You see the sorbet glass as a birdy shape? Very nice~~~Though the nicest are the dessert and the bread, the rest is not so impactful lor~~

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