Kagurazaka Saryo (神楽坂 茶寮)

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0615 027.jpgかぼちゃのプリン大福。胡桃とわらびもちのタルト。キャラメル和茶(紅茶と玄米茶のブレンド)。
Pumpkin pudding daifuku. Walnut and warabi-mochi tart. Caramel Japanese tea.

051119 033.jpg大学芋と白玉の和風ミルフィーユ、620円。
Just sweet potato, mochi balls and soyabean milk ice-cream, put together nicely.

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Black bean tofu pudding underneath the ice-cream and red-bean paste. Matcha latte.
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0523 038.jpgくるみとわらびもちのタルト。おばんさいセット、1200円。デザート追加、520円。
Obanzai lunch set. Walnut and warabi-mochi tart.


8 thoughts on “Kagurazaka Saryo (神楽坂 茶寮)

  1. I am so “Japanized” that I crave simple Japanese when I don’t have it for a while…but I never crave chinese! ^^;;; The caramel tea smells very sweet but is not sweetened, very nice!

  2. ●かぼちゃのプリン大福⇒pumpkin pudding sweet-bean cake?

    ●胡桃とわらびもちのタルト⇒walnut and herb-mochi tart?

    ●カラメル和茶⇒caramel flavored gennmai tea blend?

    whew…I tried my best but I think I am far from debuting as a translator!

  3. Haha that’s good, I put the little japanese I know and the picture together~ For chinese I only craved for wonton noodles once awhile…^^;;

  4. yeah, わらび is a type of wild herb.
    you can go pick them in the mountains.

    or so I thought…??
    I could be totally wrong, so don’t quote me…

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