3 thoughts on “二葉

  1. Found this place from a magazine and there is only one item on the lunch menu, and even though it is a bit expensive but according to the magazine, it has 18~23 different kinds of stuff including sashimi in pieces and looks really good, but in reality……just ikura and tuna, while the other seafood like prawns and anago and shellfish etc. are all missing…..For 1500yen I can have a full course French lunch~~~

  2. Oh my, never heard that a restaurant with only one dish! They must be very confident and proud of it. yet with only one dish, still don’t have all as it claimed. It does look very good though…tuna and ikura…yum~~~

  3. It has only one item for lunch, but of course it is normal sushi place at night – has all kinds of sashimi/sushi. Maybe I was just bad luck that they ran out of ingredients….

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