Cantina Firenze (カンティーナ・フィレンツェ)

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0630 018.jpg生ハム、グリーンアスパラ、きのこのゴルゴンゾラのリゾット。ランチコースは1200円。Elegant interior, elegant presentation, elegant taste – a bit hotel-food-ish but good for the price. Apparently this place does weddings and parties – makes sense.
Cantina Firenze

2 thoughts on “Cantina Firenze (カンティーナ・フィレンツェ)

  1. The risotto seems good! 1200 yen is soo cheap for all of those and it’s in such nice place. I wish there are places like this here!

  2. I also think it is too cheap! But they probably make the lunch cheap and nice to attract customers to go back for dinner or use it for parties/weddings. There was a ojisan eating a full course lunch(pasta, meat, dessert, wine…) alone, which is so rare in that area, and after he finished the chef came to talk to him about the arrangements of a party that he is going to hold there~~

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