Meli-Melo (メリメロ)

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冷製ポタージュ。海老ハンバーガ。玄米ライスとフレッシュハーブティがついて、980円。Reasonably priced and good taste!

6 thoughts on “Meli-Melo (メリメロ)

  1. Dear…what’s your most recommend RAMEN-YA in Ikebukuro, Shibuya Area?

    My friend asked me to take her to “BEST Ramen” of Tokyo…I was like…O_o?! Well, I think I will take her to AOBA but I forgot how to go, and I will take her to ICHRAN becoz it’s easy to go…hahaha…

  2. Yeah…but I think I shouldnt come here often…on diet…hungry..

    btw…the pix is from mobile so so small?

  3. Inoka! You said it is top secret?! Why are you writing your secret plan here?? ^^;;; Anyway, there are many ramen-ya in Ikebukuro la. But the ones I have gone so far are the “no need to queue” ones and not the most popular. Maybe you can try 無敵家、瞠(みはる)、たいぞう、生粋、二天、屯ちん、海神、、、、you know what, I have a magazine on ramen in Ikebukuro, why don’t you look at the pictures and decide which one you want to take your friend? ^^;;; Oh 青葉 opens a new branch in Ikebukuro Sunshine city, so no need to go to Nakano. And 一蘭 is bad la….

    The thumbnails are too small?? You can click them to see the bigger pics ma. They are taken using my digital camera! My mobile is too old to look this quality.

    It is cold potato and onion soup in the bowl. I did get hungry at about 5pm…but I had to go to a dinner party with my colleagues and my boss last night so better save up at lunch.

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