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  1. F&J&tomoko>
    I tried to reply in your blog but an error came out when I post the comment?

    Anyway,trainers are just sneakers yo.
    I finished book 6 last night. Let’s talk more after you post your review.
    But I have to say,(no spoiler)
    1) Love Draco’s scenes the most
    2) Can’t stand Dumbledore speaking “calmly”, “placidly”, “cheerfully” anymore
    3) Moria and Dead Marshes and Ring of Fire??!! ^^;;;;
    4) First 500 pages non-readable.

  2. 明日飯田橋行く予定なの。ついでにどっかで食べてこっかな~シーさんのリストいっぱいありすぎて決まらない。。。

  3. 「美味しい」か「うまい」と書いてある店だけにして絞れば?(^^;)

  4. I’m like still…not even half way the book…coz a lot of the early chapters are too dull and too much repetitive details and especially about characters I don’t care for, just get boring to read, after the same thing for 6 books…

  5. Tw media told everything of book 6…(sign) Well, they even list out every main plot…really dont think I need to read it…(heard Chinese version will be out on sep.)

  6. seat> first 500 pages non-readable?
    so you mean 90 percent of the book? @0@

    oh thanks for the trainer info!

  7. tomoko>
    I will reply you here instead of Mixi ne.
    Have you finished it? Yeah, if it weren’t for the determination that “I must finish the book during this weekend”, I probably had put down the book and never picked it up. Actually I lied, it wasn’t 500 pages, but 540 pages to be precise that are all boring building-up that is too slow and like Freda said too repetitive! That stupid “lesson” with Dumbledore!! Going into the Pensieve 200 times!! Jesus!! And Ginny’s part….argh….-o-;;;

    The key is keep reading and don’t stop and don’t think! ^^;;;

    Well, if you can borrow a copy, just read chapter 24(Sectumsempra), and then skip to chapter 27(The lightning-struck tower) and read the rest.

  8. wow Seat you hate the book that much?
    I thought there are lots of intersting stuffs, the Riddle back story, all the Snape and Draco parts, the HBP book…..well I guess if you never really care about them then it’s nothing interesting. For me those parts are a lot of fun.

  9. The Riddle’s story would be more enjoyable if it were divided into so many pieces in a poor disguise of “lessons” which is totally unnecessary. It is not like you gain bits of information in different ways from different people, like in a proper mystery story, but it is just looking into Pensieve that’s all!! I don’t know why but the repetitive way the Riddle story is revealed bugs me. I said I enjoyed Draco parts, that includes interaction with Snape too of course. The HBP…don’t you think it is a gaping hole concerning “to whom the book belongs”?? It just doesn’t make sense that he would leave a book like that in the library~~

  10. seat> I finished the book in 2days, but I enjoyed it a lot ^^;
    I was down with a fever and was bored out of my mind. and so I was SOOO glad when the book arrived from amazon!

    that could be why I enjoyed it a lot more than you! you had to go out all the way to get it, where as I was just lying in bed all the time and hadn’t even expected the book to come so soon♪

  11. Don’t worry about my comment! I have always been harsh on Harry Potter since it turned into dictionary-size from book 4. ^^;;

  12. Hey Tomoko, I’m glad you like it. I’ll write an entry on my blog soon (too busy at work these days ^^;;) Are you feeling better now? I hope your fever is gone! (fever in summer..that must be terrible).

    Haha Seat you should have stop reading it few books ago. ^^;;

  13. tomoko, you okay??

    Joan, the problem is, I want to know what happened at the end! ^^;;;

  14. I got ‘heat fever’ few weeks ago~~ (under unknown circumstances), the heat…just…crazy…

    I’m STILLL only HALF WAY OF THE BOOK~~~ What’s wrong with me!!!!!????? XO

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