GEORGE V(ジョルジュ・サンク)

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バラのアイス。 Ice-cream with rose petals.
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Souffle with apple brandy and apple sauce. Iced milk coffee.
The ice milk coffee is thick sweet milk at the bottom with bitter coffee on top. The waitor told us not to mix it and drink it straight from the glass without a straw….but we had a few sips and the milk just stayed at the bottom. So we stole two straws from the counter and stirred it and hid the used straws in my bag(^^;;) – the milk coffee tasted so much better mixed!!

5 thoughts on “GEORGE V(ジョルジュ・サンク)

  1. Oh no no not muffin, it is souffle!! You never had it before? It is freshly baked from the oven! While we were waiting, we had the ice-cream(free) which had rose petals in it~~nice!

  2. The soft dream sequence glow again ^^;;; So pretty! Is it muffin?
    The coffee looks…hmm…can’t figure how it works (the bottom are all milk and dark coffee on top? O_o).

  3. yeah the first pix is so romantic hehe….

    So the coffee is sort of like vietnamese coffee? How can you not stir…it’ll be like drinking bitter coffee first then nothing but sweet milk after, what’s the point? (mix in the stomach) ^^;;

  4. The proportion of condense milk vs dark coffee in vietnamese coffee would be reverse of that though haha~~ Imagine you drank all the coffee…and left with the condense milk…^^;;

  5. But the milk is not as thick and sweet as condensed milk, much more diluted. But still quite hard to drink the sweetened milk by itself, especially we were having desserts, also sweet!

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