4 thoughts on “凡 (Cafe Bon)

  1. Oh my, too tired uploading so much in one shot to comment much. Hope you can read the Japanese comments!

  2. The teapot cabinet is awesome!!!
    The teahouse seem so luxury and serious looking (dark like a bar) haha~

  3. Yeah, a pot of coffee 1050yen…when I saw the price I kinda regretted having gone in. Quite a long while I was devising a way to get out of the shop without having to pay a bomb(I had not much $$ left in my wallet that day!), but later I thought, what the hell, and ordered a coffee AND a cake, and when the coffee came(yellow pot pic), the waitor was saying there were two kinds of milk, one animal fat, one veggy. I tasted both of the milk using a spoon, and added the animal one to my coffee and was about to drink…and there it was, an insect dead floating in my cup….!! I think it was in the milk and not in the coffee which was freshly made, but I already tasted the milk and was sick to my stomach….Of course I called the waitor, whom didn’t even apologise(-o-;;), and he made another pot for me and gave me a shining nice tea cup to compensate(the green pot). Oh well, the place was retro and nice and the chocolate was very yummy so….

  4. errr…dead insect errr… Well you’re really paying for the ambient, the retro decor and the mood haha~ Seems like it’d have great music, The floral light is so pretty.

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