Piazza Mangiare Copain

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オクラとハムの白いピッツァ、ガーリックソース。サラダ、ドリンク付き、1050円。Lady’s finger and ham.

7 thoughts on “Piazza Mangiare Copain

  1. Other entry comment close already: (on earthquake)
    Did anyone hide under table or some kind of covering when it shook? I remember the earthquake drill we had, they always make a big deal about hiding under table and all. But I think if I were in a public place, like a restaurant, it’d seem weird (even if it’s matter of life and death) to duck down and curl up down under table ^^;;

  2. Oh, oh, Okra is English? ^^;;; Yeah, Lady’s Finger=Okra.

    No one hid of course! Anyway, there were no tables in the shop. There are little earthquakes so often here and you just can’t dive and hide everytime it happens…In fact there was a M4 last night too. The people in my office completely ignored it as the building swayed…how embarassing it would be for me to panick on my own…^^;;;

    My sister phoned me from home and she said my dad was worried and asked me to call back, while my mom and my sisters were completely cool about it – in fact they were on their way to China for a spa and massage trip…then I phoned my dad and OH MY GOD, he got so mad at me and scolded me hotly for a full 10 mins…-o-;;;;; I should have phoned back but there was no casualty, only the trains stopped and caused delays and stuff, so I thought there was no need to phone….They just don’t understand how common earthquakes are in Japan! I mean, if there is a typhoon in Japan, they won’t expect me to phone because there are dozens of typhoons every year hitting HK and they think those are no big deals, but HK people don’t know earthquakess and the unknown always sounds more scary! Sigh…

  3. News travel fast! Yeah growing up HK earthquakes used to be such a scary disaster ‘concept’ for me, like the ground crack open and people fell through to lava pit, and buillding collapses…^^;; Japan’s buildings are mostly built to sustain quake right, I think scariest would be while you’re on train and the quake destory the track and train derailed~~~

  4. What, lava pit????? Hahahaha~~~!! Sounds like diaster movie….^^;;; Yeah being in a train, in tall buildings, even being in a shower….

  5. everytime theres a quake I keep thinking about the disaster in Kobe! brrrr…..
    also during a quake I keep asking myself, “should I hide under a table??” too! haha!

    btw hotmail keeps going down lately and I can’t check my mail~~!
    is it because of the quake???

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