10 thoughts on “大衆割烹 三州屋

  1. This place I actually tried to go on weekday lunch but after I slid open the door, the scene of tightly packed salarymen without a single woman was too horrifying….so I ducked back out immediately….This time I went on the weekend and it was very empty~. But insect swimming in my soup again…..it happens to me all the time, the pizza place I went recently, there was insect in my salad too…I think it is my fate to eat insect – high protein content I suppose.

  2. insect?? gross!

    (by the way you’re writing about it in english so as not to trouble the restaurant, right?
    so thoughtful of you! ^-^)

    but this would be the kind of food I’d want for everyday meals! (preferably, ofcourse, without the added protein, though -_-;;)

  3. I decided not to write any negative comments up front in Japanese. After all I am no gourmet critics! But I will still bitch about bad restaurants in the commment box. ^^;;

    Oh yeah yeah, such solid good food and so cheap! I will go back in winter. It is probably hard to keep the insects away cos it is so hot now.

  4. Hey why suddenly paranoid about negative comments? it doesn’t matter if we’re gourmet critics…it’s just our opinion afterall.

  5. oh it’s just that its scary how
    rumors could spread over the web
    and you don’t want to have a hand in
    someone losing their business ☆!
    I think its totally alright to complain
    in person, though ^□^

  6. It is just different in Japan. People don’t voice out their opinion so much, and even when they do, they are very reserved and careful and ambiguous….In the states since everyone talks very openly and straightforwardly in a very loud voice, so for F&J’s blog, it is okay to be frank. But it is just so different here!! Some Japanese friends of mine were amazed by the fact that I can use the word “

  7. Oh but in case of insects in the food, it is perfectly alright to complain to the staff. They will change for you…actually it happened yesterday again….

  8. Yeah that make sense…I understand the polite and discreet part of Japanese culture. Actually I think no matter what background, it is mean and unnecessary to trash a place (not that we ever did that; also depends, if that place is like super overrated and snobbish and famous…then ^^;;;).

  9. Yeah, as long as it is just your own personal opinion, like an opinion of a book, an opinion of an album, nothing malicious, then it will be fine. If you don’t like my way of expressing opinion, then don’t read!! ^^;;; But oh well, oh well, it is much easier and take less time to write my comments in English anyway.

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