La Tida (ラ・ティーダ)

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It was so much food that I over-ate and felt quite sick afterwards. ^^;;; The fatty pork is soooooo soft and sweet and yummy, but I realised too late that I had the same fatty pork for lunch, so double heavy for me! ^^;;; The “peanut tofu” is like Panna Cotta, very creamy! I think I was most surprised by this dish. The pancake was no good, too much flour and made us feel very full. The fried fish is cute but too many bones and hard to eat. The fried goya(苦瓜) and egg was good, the ramen was fantastic, and dessert was only like 500yen! Very cheap and huge and good too. The restaurant looks very empty in the pic but that’s because we were early, it got so packed afterwards. I had guava liqueur drink which was good too.
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4 thoughts on “La Tida (ラ・ティーダ)

  1. Wow everything looks really really good! All that for 6790 yen is definitely worth it. that tofu looks yummy~~ perfect for summer time. So this is Okinawa cuisine?

  2. wow the peanut tofu looks good!

    was the pork leg and ears good too?
    I’ve never had them but they always show it on tv so I’ve been really curious! ^◇^

  3. You should try! Though bad Okinawa restaurants can be very oily – just like chinese.

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