13 thoughts on “moomin bakery & cafe (ムーミンベーカリー&カフェ)

  1. somehow it looks different in pics !! ◎_◎
    maybe because there is no sound^o^?

    I realized afterwards I didn’t order anything moomin related–darn….should of had at least one of those nyoro bread or something ^_^;

  2. Yeah, it looks so quiet and peaceful in pics, while in fact it was so noisy and tacky…^^;;;

    Nothing much is really that moomin-related I think?? Did you go to Paul??

    F&J, I went with tomoko! She had that nuts tart. She was in suit and looking sophisticated and all, yet I took her to a game park….^^;;;

  3. Gosh sooooo cute!! I want to go t here Y_Y!! And the food taste good too~~ (usually theme cafe’s food is bad).

    Hey you should have take a pix of Tomo (And yourself) so I can see see how you gals look now! ^o^

  4. What is that bag (?) or hat (?) with Moomin-mama on there? Sooooo cute! Indeed, from pic it looks so serene and homely, like a quiet little cafe in Moomin valley~~ XD (photo can be so misleading)

  5. That is the tea pot cover for keeping the tea warm! Oh yeah, should take pics next time! But I bet tomoko wouldn’t let me cos she was not her usual self – wearing suits. It used to be quite quiet on weekdays but now is summer holiday so very very noisy~~~

  6. yeah I had 2 interviews in one day
    and I had 4hrs in between,
    so I relaxed at a hot springs
    after moomin cafe! (they’re inside
    the same theme park)

    it was the best time-killing tactic
    I ever used….’ー`

    oh but even if I wasn’t wearing suit,
    I’d be too embarrassed to show my face in
    seat’s blog!!!(^^;)

  7. You mean you actually went to the spa…like took off your clothes and soaked in water and put back all the clothes on again to go for the interview?? ^^;;

    I won’t put photos with faces up front yo. Maybe obscure links in the comment box.

  8. wow awesome idea!! In Tokyo’s summer it’s so hot and humid, that’s totally right thing to do. Bring a traveling pack of makeup with you, so you can do spa in the middle of the day!

  9. yeah I guess a lot of businessmen come to refresh in the middle of the day as well.
    I saw many suit clad ojisans among young couples and tourists!
    I should do it too when I wanna ditch work hahaha:D

  10. Gosh, my office is so hot today…Sat and Sun there aren’t any central air-conditioning, only one air-con in the room which is not enough….I want to go to the spa now…

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