Trattoria Vivo (CLOSED)

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豆乳のパンナコッタ、ゴマ風味 スイカのスープと一緒に。
Trattoria Vivo

5 thoughts on “Trattoria Vivo (CLOSED)

  1. This is all one course? Seems like there’re two entrees! (pasta AND steak?) ^^;;;;; btw my art director’s back from Japan (business trip, we’re working on a Nissan project). For some crazy reason he said he only had one good meal…so disappointed in the gourmet department…sheesh he has pure bad luck with restaurants!

  2. maybe he was mainly in roppongi hills and
    eating at wolfgang pucks and going to starbucks?

  3. seat how did the watermelon soup taste like?
    soy milk sesame panacotta looks good! ^o^

  4. The dessert is for one person, but appetizer, pasta and meat are all for share between two people. Yeah Italian dinner course here is like: appetizer->pasta->meat->dessert. The dessert was bad….didn’t want to admit it cos I dragged my friend to go to this restaurant…the watermelon “soup” was all frozen…the panna cotta was rough and home-made level…

    There are definitely bad restaurants around so if you are not lucky….did he get the right kind of people to take him?? ^^;;; You know there are always foreign guests visiting my department and my boss will always arrange dinner parties for the guests, but sometimes the restaurants we go are quite bad…and the poor souls will think “Oh so this is authentic Japanese food!” -o-;;

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