Pinosalice (ピノサリーチェ)

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Went to this restaurant alone so had to sit at the counter. I was so early that I was the only customer. But the cook and the waitors were all girls and pretty much kept a distance from me so I was not as uneasy as I feared. Everything is in the lunch course. A bit puzzled why there were two ham appetizers…but they tasted different so. Very good eatery.
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10 thoughts on “Pinosalice (ピノサリーチェ)

  1. oh yeah, I should have said
    “does it really feel like mochi?”,

    but mochibuta is a brand of pork with mochi-like texture, right?
    my co-worker was raving about wanting to eat mochibuta, so I was curious if it was really all that good! (^0^

  2. Wow lovely course (the warm soft colors and the ’round’ shape ^^;;) Wow mochi-pork..haha~ sounds nice! What’s the fruit (?) in the 2nd ham? The price is quite good for the course~~ so nice!

  3. Freda>
    The fruit is grape – very sweet and expensive kind! They have cheaper pasta lunch too, 1200yen~. Very convenient place to lunch when I drop by Shibuya(usually for the rental shop ^^;;)

  4. ha~ so pretty and tempting the way they present something so normal (the grape). It is just crazy how much food you have for lunch haha~~

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