De Roanne (ドゥ・ロアンヌ)

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5250yen lunch course.
Uni and carrot potage.
Seafood and hotspring egg soup.
0821 008.jpg0821 013.jpg
Kinmedai. Veal.
0821 015.jpg0821 019.jpg0821 016.jpg
チコリのパパロア。Chicory bavarois.
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Dessert from the wagaon, plus a glass of champagne, 8500yen. Very good food!
De Roanne

8 thoughts on “De Roanne (ドゥ・ロアンヌ)

  1. The chocolate cake was the nicest~~~though the taste got all mixed up cos it was just too much…^^;;

  2. my god it looks like the cakes are ‘all-you-can-eat”?? ^O^ Everything looks very good, though it is quite $$$ when there’s no foie-gras or seafood~
    Hey rarely you feature people in your pic haha~

  3. Foie gras would taste nice whether the chef is brilliant or not. ^^;;; Yeah, the food probably don’t look/sound very fancy but it is really really good!!!! One of those places you would want to bring your friends to~~~~
    Oh that person is the waitress….^^;;;

  4. The food in the first pix is fancy~

    How many people were there to share all those cakes?!

  5. You mean the small slices in the plate? They were all mine! The big ones were for us to choose from and we didn’t finish them up!!

  6. ワゴンデザート全部、て言えるんだぁ。こんどやってみよ。

  7. 食べられるなら、全部で行くべしっ!

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