8 thoughts on “Kanon at ease dining

  1. Is this their idea of ‘ease dining’? ^^;; Sitting on a sofa to eat? Isn’t kinda awkward posture when the coffee table is so low?

  2. I think the eating is not the main part, but to sit down and relax and chat…gosh, I was asked to take off my shoes cos the floor was carpeted…felt so uncomfortable!!

  3. hey seat~
    I get the same feeling too
    when I have to take off my shoes–especially in drinking places they make you do that a lot!! (^^;
    my coworker who studied abroad says the same thing too!^_^

  4. tatami is still bearable, but carpet is bad, especially I don’t wear socks in summer! ^^;;;

  5. argh I feel uncomfortable bare feet in public place (in carpet)!

    tomoko, what is “slow life” cafe? ^^;;;

  6. funny name…ease dining ^^;; it’s so JP too!

    and it’s not really comfortable to eat on a sofa with low coffee table, you have to bend your back so low to reach the food…err…not ease at all!

  7. Slow life is like, don’t stress, take it easy, take it slow kinda life-style? Slow food vs fast food!

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