7 thoughts on “クルンテープ

  1. Very chinese! Supposed to be Thai restaurant. A bit too sweet but otherwise not bad.

  2. Maybe the broccoli and chicken, giving it a “chinese” feel..haha~~ Is the sauce a bit peanut curry?

  3. what are those little bowls in the back? Different sauce?

    The egg is very tempting

  4. Oh not peanut curry, it is that ojisan-taste chinese liquor 紹興酒, with lots of lots of sugar I bet. ^^;;; The small bowls at the back are salad, soup and sago in coconut soup! Tomoko, usually I would never order something so chinese-sounding, but I was attracted by that big fish-shaped plate!! ^^;;;

  5. oh, I didn’t see the fish plate!
    seems like a fun plate to have at home!
    (to cover up my bad cooking)

    I’ve never had しょうこう酒,
    I always wondered what is tasted like but
    it tastes ojisan? is it kinda like shochu?

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