Apres-midi grand-cru (アプレミディ・グラン・クリュ)

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Linguine with uni in cream sauce. Hmm, it is okay. Lunch was about 1600yen. Taste is just okay but a nice cafe space to relax…except that everyone was smoking.

0903 002.jpgThe similar Fondant chocolat dessert plate I ordered in my second visit.
Apres-midi grand-cru

2 thoughts on “Apres-midi grand-cru (アプレミディ・グラン・クリュ)

  1. Fancy decoration~~ almost look like a snake!
    Have you try the food at this place? The pix on the website seems promising. Seems like there’re lots of music events… music oriented stuffs..

  2. You looked at the CD list? Mostly soul music….hmmm…They didn’t played any when I was there. Yeah, I want to try their lunch! But during weekends there are no cheap lunch sets so I must go on a weekday!

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