5 thoughts on “Ecole Criollo (エコール・クリオロ)

  1. SEE~? That’s how mont blanc should look like (color and texture wise), that fake bad one I had was just way off. All look very good, though I don’t like apple in dessert (but that ones is most fancy looking haha).

  2. Yeah I am not a big fan of apple dessert too. But yeah, got hooked by the good look. Turned out to be really nice!

  3. Usually when I see the 4th one I wouldn’t get it because it seems normal. ^^;;; but it’s very good right? see I would have miss it due to my bias.

  4. Haha~~~also you immediately think the plain-looking cheese cake won’t look good in pictures so for the sake of your blog, better get a fancy looking one….sadness of a blogger. ^^;;;

  5. so true so true haha~~
    Also when trying a new place, you’d want to go all out for the most expensive course (=more blog worthy), so dangerous XD

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