Kiora The Fuoco (キオラ・ザ・フォーコ)

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季節の野菜と魚介のフリット カレー風味 自家製タルタルソース添え。
Vegetable and seafood fritter, curry style, with homemade Tartare sauce.
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050925 044.jpgカナダ産豚の赤ワインとトマト煮込むソース タリアテッレ。
岩手産岩中豚ロースのグリル レンズ豆の煮込み添え。
Tagliatelle with pork in red wine and tomato sauce.
Grilled pork loin, with lentil.
Kiora The Fuoco

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  1. Yeah hahaha~~~ended up eating too much! The seafood and veggy fritter was good but a bit oily~~~both the pasta(pork redwine stew) and the grilled pork were super heavy~~~but I still had the parfait afterwards…err….

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