Le Clos Montmartre (ル・クロ・モンマルトル)

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050927 041.jpgチーズ風味のシュー温野菜詰め。ローストポーク プルーン風味。マロンタルト。
Cheese chou stuffed with vegetables. Roasted pork with prunes. Marron tart. Total 2415yen.

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1680yen lunch. Hare and potato salad. Cassoulet. Includes coffee or glass wine.

5 thoughts on “Le Clos Montmartre (ル・クロ・モンマルトル)

  1. Those retro (?) cutsey drawings of kids (?) seems very cool on wall (?) ^^;;; The appertizer looks like a muffin/bread with seasonings. There’re so much cream on the tart though.

  2. Hahahaha~~~~the restaurant is decorated very homely. See that picture of a white guy on the wall? He served us – probably the owner? The appetizer is cheese cream puff(usually sweet with custard) with veggy filling…not match at all. The cream on the tart is light and not sweet, though the sauce on the plate is completely unnecessary.

  3. yeah sometimes when restaurant (esp. in LA) serve the sweet they always pour tons of those sauce, I understand if it’s some plain pound cake. It’s like they’re not very confident about the dessert…

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