Soup Curry Dining SHANTi

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051023 036.jpgMOMOと野菜のスープカレー、990円。「MOMOとは、チベットやネパールやタイなどでギョウザのこと」。
MOMO and vegetable soup curry. MOMO is Tibet/Nepal/Thai dumplings – very good!

3 thoughts on “Soup Curry Dining SHANTi

  1. wow fancy website~ (haha those ‘scary’ kanji spell as tagline). They only sell Tibetian/Nepal soup curry?

  2. It is soup curry from Hokkaido. The dumplings inside the soup are supposed to be exotic but they taste just like normal gyoza with a bit of spice – very very good dumplings though! I love the atmosphere and privacy too!

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