Pot-Bouille (ポ・ブイユ)

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051119 020.jpgAppetizer: Scallop saute salad. Beef blankett, with butter rice. Both very good!

7 thoughts on “Pot-Bouille (ポ・ブイユ)

  1. Really yummy lunch! Nice souffle dessert! And I saw Harry Potter and I loved it a lot!! It is amazing cos I couldn’t stop laughing from the jokes! Book 4 was a bore but the film is sooooo much more fun! Granger’s exaggerating acting is a bit annoying though. Oh and poor Harry…even Neville has grown taller than him….^^;;;

  2. はじめまして~

  3. 遊16さん>

  4. I thought you rarely order scallop
    We saw HP too (almost miss it coz we were too busy). and yeah it’s so thrilling to watch. Maybe because I forgot much of what it’s about, I actually had fun wondering what will happen next. ^^;;; I like that compare to the past movies, this one actually made the world feels fuller and alive with more light on the side characters. I bet Book 5 & 6 will make much better movies too, because the screen writer will sure tighten the story and snip away all those dragging boring parts. ^^;;; Dumbledore was a bit off though, he seems mad at Harry, shoving him and all, and doesn’t seem calm and powerful. I thought Voldemort was only ok? Not scary nor feel evil…

  5. But I am glad there is no preaching/sappy love talk from Dumbledore this time. Oh yeah, Voldemort is a let down! The actor has very kind eyes! ^^;; He reminds me of those Greek-god-turned-villains in movies like the mummies…

  6. Yeah I feel more pity for Voldemort, because obviouisly you can tell Ralph Fiennes’s handsome face, yet his nose was so disfigure and inhuman looking, and you feel sad in a way that what a screw up villain he is, who would destory himself like this.
    Hey the band in the ball scene was played by Jarvis Crocker (of the Pulp) as vocal, and bassist + drummer from Radiohead. They look so 70s glam. ^^;;

  7. What? Voldemort is Ralph Fiennes?!! ^^;;;;;;;
    And didn’t know the band is Pulp/Radiohead’s members!!!
    I am hopelessly clueless, as usual!!
    What song was they playing?
    btw, the song played at the end when the credits were shown, was kinda bad…

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