5 thoughts on “カンパーニャ@神谷町

  1. Went to tomoko’s office and had lunch with her! Quite a nice little office district actually…I have been there twice before but I think I went straight from the train station exit to this French restaurant that I really like, and never really looked around the area. Went to a cafe afterwards with her too and had Mont Blanc and macha smoothie. Quite nice!

  2. since it’s office district there should be quite a lot of restaurants there for office people right? At least there’s that good French restaurant! Tomoko you’re lucky ^_^!!

  3. Wow so nice tomoko! I always fancied how it would be like to work in a real fancy office district that actually feel like you’re going to work (unlike the sleepy beach town I work at where it’s all old retired people). The spaghettis looks great~~~

  4. yeah, one thing good about a business district is that there’s plenty of cafes to hide out when I get bored at work^-^

    it’s mostly foreign companies around this area.
    so about half the people walking around is a “gaijin”
    many hang out at Starbucks!

    oh also hotel okura is 5min. away, and
    there was an Art Center alumni gathering there last month^^

  5. tomoko, you should definitely try going out for lunch! So many restaurants! Time-wise it was actually quite alright, wasn’t it? After lunch with you, I walked to 麻布十番 and bought some bread, but I kinda got a bit lost on the way and was trapped in some residential area with many dead ends…^^;;;

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