Point de depart (ポワン・ドゥ・デパー)

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051123 061.jpgDinner course. Chicken liver mousse and Platinum pork rillettes. First appetizer: Lobster consomme gelee, hair crab and cauliflower bavarois, organic spinach sauce. Second appetizer: Iberico pork ravioli, red wine sauce. Main: Roasted Col-vert duck, mushroom and potato on the side. Dessert: Marron souffle. I chose gibier(wildlife animal) for my main dish and ordered wine so it came up to over 11000yen…^^;;; Very nice though! The pork dumplings were wonderful too. And gosh, I had two souffles in a day….but this one is chestnut flavour with chestnut ice-cream….I can never resist chestnut!

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Point de depart

9 thoughts on “Point de depart (ポワン・ドゥ・デパー)

  1. What do you mean? I had the chestnut souffle. The chocolates were free that came with the coffee. The pics are all included in the dinner course I had – I didn’t take pics of my friends’ food.

  2. あ!!


  3. ヒナゲシさん、

  4. Is this the most $$$ entry (for single person) as of now? Better made into “yummy” right? ^^;; The top most right pic is look so yummy and CUTE (the colors of the sauce and pattern of the plate goes so well).
    Gibier is called Blue head duck…how does it taste like compare to the usual duck?

    I always find wonder at the “double desserts” you always get in your courses…^^;;;

  5. I think I had an Italian dinner that was even more expensive but that was because the shop owner recommended us a bottle of wine that we didn’t ask about the price and it turned out to be over 20,000yen….shared between 2 people….and it was just the wine….

    Oh the cutest appetizer was the course I like the least….^^;;;; It was prawn taste and it was too bitter for me…but my friend who ordered the same, liked it, so just personal preference.

    Oh Gibier is a general term for the kinds of wildlife animals that can be hunted during a particular period in Autumn for eating…we had this conversation before…here. ^^;;;

  6. So meat-pain huh…200 a bottle of wine…that’s too luxurious! Is that documented in past entry?

    I remember the gibier conversation actually, as I hit “post” button… haha…

  7. Oh it was before I started any blog diary so no document lo. More than a year ago I think.

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