Casa Vinitalia (カーザ・ヴィニタリア)

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Second time here – see tag for the first visit. From the a la carte menu. Fried shirako – very creamy!
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Autumn Truffle Tagliatelle. Not much impression.
Roasted quail stuffed with multi-grain and foie gras. Very good! We ordered one quail(3600yen) to share between two people but it is actually not big so as a main dish, one quail for one person is just right.
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051208 043.jpgYou can choose the grilled vegetables that come with the main dish. I had mushroom. “Simple pasta” before dessert has 3 choices – I had tomato sauce this time and it was very very good. Again I ordered 100g. Later I found out that this “simple pasta” is quite expensive if ordered from the a la carte menu, while it is included in the 5500yen course. Dessert is tiramisu.
Casa Vinitalia

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  1. Second visit to this really popular Italian restaurant. It is always full and I had to make the reservation more than a month ago, before I could actually invite anyone to go with me. I had 2 glasses of wine and the bill turned out to be 12,000yen, quite a luxurious dinner but the food and the service were both fantastic. Somehow a lot of things happened when I tried to organise this dinner…I don’t think I have ever experienced such tremendous stress, for the whole month, down to the last minute, simply for one single dinner! I think I am really no good in organising things with people! I enjoyed the meal completely but I am soooooo relieved that it is over. Swear I will never do it again. ^^;;;

  2. wow you had it booked more than a month in advance? sounds really fantastic! but I can easily see how it could get exhausting organizing it…so much at stake, huh!!

  3. 2回目も素敵なお店だったのですね~^^

  4. 120 for one person!? O_ollll It must be an amazingly popular place that you have to reserve one month prior. I know how stressful it is to organize, some people are always busy (or just you’re not high prioritiy enough) that they can never give definite answer if they’re going to come or not until the very very last second. Then there’s always last minute cancellation…and you’re stuck with different number table and the snobbish restaurant will get mad at you. Is this a place for big party?

    The rice+foie gras chicken is very temping even for a ‘bore-with-chicken’ person like me ^^;; Though I think your last entry seems to have more variety (with seafood and all).

  5. Oh yeah I was partly in charge of organizing the Bachelorette party for Vero and there’s drama here and there too ^^;; It takes certain personality of people to be good (or like to) organizing things. and I definitely not that type of ppl ^^;;

    What’s that in the black pot?

  6. oh, I’m definitely not the type to organize, either! its so much easier when your only responsibility is just to show up (^^;)

    >oh hey joan by the way did you get my email?

  7. マロンさん>

    Last time we went to this place, we ordered a set course, so it was cheaper and more food. But this time, I want to eat a particular dish in the a la carte – stuffed quail with rice and foie gras – so we decided to pick an appetizer, a pasta dish and a main dish separately, which came up to quite a lot of $$. But I think I made a mistake in ordering…I should have ordered the main dish all for myself and not shared with others(after dividing it was too little…) because that’s why I went to this restaurant again for, and I should have skipped the pasta at the end which was over-priced – 2000yen for that simple pasta with just tomato sauce is too much!!
    Yeah organising parties is a nightmare. It was actually a party of 4 people only! The problem is that I had to book this restaurant a month early, at that time I hadn’t decided who to invite. ^^;;; Then like 2 weeks(?) before, I started inviting people and like you said, people say they want to go but don’t know yet until last minute, people don’t reply emails and you have to write and write again asking “Can you go or not?! Please reply!”, and yes people cancel last minute and you are stuck with the situation having to phone the restaurant and apologise, or if you don’t want to do that you have to invite someone else. I would love to just show up of course! It is all about fun you know, going out to eat and having a good time, I don’t know why I had to stand all that stress, which was even more intense than stress from work!! -o-;;; I think you need to “not care” so much to be able to organise things without stress. Not care if who and who are coming, or not coming. Not care if the restaurant gets mad at last minute cancellation. Not care if the restaurant turns out bad…^^;;;
    Oh it is mushroom in the black pot.

  8. >joan oh I sent it to pacbell,
    right after getting your mail!!
    only, I sent you mail from my
    yahoo account, and not the hotmail you
    sent it to. I don’t use hotmail these days.
    I’ll try resending !

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