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A friend’s birthday. Cute interior, fantastic food, homely atmosphere. We had a bottle of wine to share and it was about 4000yen per person. Very worth it!
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Country-style pate and bread.
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Taraba crab and mushroom wrapped in beancurd skin and deep-fried. Grilled vegetables.
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Duck and pear. Shish kebab.
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Roasted lamb. Blue cheese rice.
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Spaghetti with burdock. Strawberry mille-feuille for the birthday girl(ordered in advance).

5 thoughts on “BISTRO KRI-KRI (くりくり)

  1. wow the food looks scrumptious!
    the writing beside the tart is cute too!
    is it some kind of sauce?

  2. Everything looks really good! Are those russian dolls on every table? Won’t they take up spaces? ^^;; The duck and lamb look the best!

  3. “scrumptious”? Means delicious? A word I never heard before.
    Yeah the writing was cream and blueberry according to my friend(I thought it was cherry but I’m usually wrong. ^^;;)
    Hahaha, the russian dolls were the birthday gift(not from me) that we laid on the table throughout the meal.^^;;;; We had a big wooden table to ourselves!

  4. I’m back from NY! I think all the weight I’ve losed in Mexico I’ve gain it all back in NY, despite all the walking ^^;;;
    That storybook menu is an awesome idea!!! Is it really an actual storybook they wrote on, or a created-for-the-restaurant menu that has children book’s illustrations? ^^;;

  5. Haha, it is just a children picture book with the menu written on the blank space. It is nice and cute but kinda hard to flip thru when you try to choose the menu…^^;;;

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