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Miso cream cheese & focaccia straws.
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Mesclun leaves, shaved duck foie gras, gizzard confit, shaved smoked duck breast & sugared walnuts, bing cherries, merlot dressing.
Wild boar civet, caramelized shallots & granny smith apples, a few pan-fried chanterelles, chestnut & potato mousseline, merlot vinegar seasoned mesclun salad.
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051227 061.jpgFlourless “grand cru” manjari chocolate cake, cabernet sauvignon stewed bing cherries, festive christmas tea ice-cream, crispy gingerbread croutons.
The food is okay…but considering the price, I probably won’t go again.
The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

5 thoughts on “Amber

  1. ‘festive christmas tea ice-cream’ ^^;;;
    The interios looks so design and fancy~
    Seems like the French restaurant you went to are mostly inside hotel (Four season, mandarin oriental).

    I don’t dare to go to any high end restaurant in NY at all. They all seems intimidated to go in (and looks like must reserve months ago), hence at night I always winded up at more cheap and casual area.

    How does boar taste like? just pork…?

  2. Good French restaurants in HK are mostly in hotels, I have learnt that since last year. They are much more expensive compared to Tokyo’s French restaurants of the same quality – a shocking fact considering the living standard is higher in Tokyo! There are cheaper French restaurants my friend said but we have yet found a cheap and good one. I wish there were cheap casual bistros like those you went in NY!!

    Among all the French restaurants I have been(not that many!) in HK, Four season is the best I must admit.

    The wild boar didn’t taste anything. It was hard and rough and bad. Shocking since the waitress highly recommended this dish….

  3. Perhaps it’s a supply and demand thing? There are much more French restaurant in Tokyo so the competition is much higher. While in HK French cuisine is not as popular and still more of a “novelty” thing than Japan so that’s why cost more?

  4. Yeah that’s it. Chinese food is still the most common and French is so minor in HK. Just can’t compare with Tokyo at all!

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