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Alaskan Crab Tartar with Citrus and Salfron Jelly. The sauce is a bit too sour.
Chicken Terrine with Salsify and Foie Gras. My friend’s appetizer.
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Lamb Fillet with Eggplant Caviar and Stewed Vegetables, Arrugula Pistou. Soft tasty duck in large portion!
Breast of Duck with Fondant Polenta, White Asparagus and Parma Ham. My friend’s main.
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Panna Cotta ice-cream and cherries.
Salted Caramel Napoleon and Milk-Jam Ice-cream. This is very good.
Four Seasons Hotel

3 thoughts on “Caprice

  1. You were just here a week ago hehe~ I can never imagine a $80 lunch~~ but soo much good stuffs. Yet does such $$$ french in HK = standard quality in Japan..? I’m so curious about the foie gras terraine, so many texture color..haha~

  2. that’s expensive!!
    the Napoleon does look very good. Bad napoleon is hard to eat though~~

  3. French food is definitely too expensive in HK! I wasn’t planning to go to Caprice again but, it was cara who recommended me this place but it was full on the day we wanted to go so we went to “Amber” instead. Later I tried Caprice with my other friend and it turned out to be so much nicer than Amber…hence another luxurious lunch in Caprice with cara…^^;;; I learned a lesson last time and didn’t order wine, but mineral water for each person is like HK$50…the roasted lamb and the Napoleon were both fantastic but just too $$$$ lor. Gosh I told my sister and my mom about this place and they wanted me to take them there!! I said no way!! Even my mom will pay, but seriously, not 3 times in a row, at least not this year! ^^;;;;

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