Il Mio

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060209 017.jpgSpaghetti with squid and broccoli in white wine sauce(completely tasteless and horrible), comes with tuna salad(the tuna is too sweetened, quite gross) and tiramisu and coffee, 1000yen. Then I never meant to go to this restaurant in the first place – see later entry for why.

4 thoughts on “Il Mio

  1. where is the best place in tokyo to have tiramisu? i havent had a good tiramisu in ages!! tell me, take me.

  2. OH~~!! Eriko!! Welcome welcome!!
    Best tiramisu in Tokyo??
    Good Italian restaurants will have good tiramisu definitely, won’t they??
    Let’s go let’s go!!

  3. oh too bad. Now in English you can feel comfortable and be honest about bad experiences. Because of ltos of ‘land mine’ in LA’s italian, I rarely order those light wine sauce pasta…because they ALWAYS turns out so tasteless and bland ^^;;;. Oh the Japanese girl I know in NY, she would add ‘salt’ to everything (deli food, salad) she eat because she think general American food are so bland and tasteless, she was spoiled by Japan salty food (always with soy sauce, and she used to add msg on everything).

  4. Haha, but real nice food is never salty, and if the food is bland and tasteless, no matter how much salt you add, it just becomes bland and tasteless and salty…^^;;;;;

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