LE MOGADOR (ル・モガドー)

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I was desperately craving some French food so I decided to drop by this area which is kinda sad with nothing around but shabby shops and offices, but on the same location there are two popular French restaurants right next to each other, which both provide cheap but down-to-earth French food. It is a bit of a walk from the station so I have been lazy and haven’t tried them yet even though they are convenient for me to go for lunch on work days. But I had no luck on my first try….I went early, well before noon, but by the time I arrived at this restaurant it was already full!! What?! But there is the other target restaurant next door….it was completely dark and apparently closed….but I checked on the internet beforehand and it should be open on that day!! Damn they changed the day they close. -o-;;; So I had no choice but went to the not-very-appealing Italian nearby, Il Mio, in the previous entry, which turned out to be very bad….I was so pissed off that I tried again on the next day, and thank god both two French restaurants were open and not yet full. I chose to go to this one first. It is very cheap!! Appetizer or main dish alone is 700yen. Two dishes is 1200yen. Plus dessert is 200yen. Of course I went for full course, plus coffee which is another 200yen.
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Marinated tuna(toro) with rosemary. Gosh it is such a big plate! Very fresh and nice. Lamb white wine stew, meat is soft and tender. I think this place is great cos the taste is not salty and oily – somehow cheap bistros always tend to be too salty and heavy.

060209 047.jpg栗のタルト。Chestnut tart. I saw the chef taking the tart out from the refrigerator and warming it in the microwave….err…^^;; Not too much taste but at least it is not too sweet. There is only the chef doing everything – preparing the food, bring the food, pouring water, turning away customers when the place was full, answering the phone and doing bookings….but he seemed to be all cool and calm, very impressive.

3 thoughts on “LE MOGADOR (ル・モガドー)

  1. Cheap places use strong flavor (salt, seasoning) to cover up bad cooking. ^^;;

    What a competition that those two french places open next to one another. What made you pick this one over the other?

    One man show… he must save lots of money! Though I can’t imagine how he can handle everything while maintaining the quality of cooking.

  2. I picked this one simply because it was full and I was turned away the day before and made me want to eat there even more! ^^;;

  3. Like a revenge, the one you were denied fuel you wanna eat there even more. ^^;;; It’s crazy that one chef runs the place…how is that possible!?!!?? AHHHH the toro looks soooo good (yes ti’s huge!) :d

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