Dobro (クロアチアレストラン ドブロ@京橋)

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シュトゥルクリ (クロアチア風ラザニア、パプリカスープ仕立て)。
A Croatian restaurant! Red sea bream carpaccio. Lasagne in paprika soup. Super yummy!
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サルマ(クロアチア風ロールキャベツ) 。
Cabbage roll. It has meat and rice inside, very very good! It is near Ginza and the interior is very stylish, yet it is inexpensive and has good quality. I went for lunch but our menu was specially ordered that included some dishes from the dinner menu, the course was 2500yen and a glass of red wine was 800yen. Very very cheap indeed.

7 thoughts on “Dobro (クロアチアレストラン ドブロ@京橋)

  1. Croatia!?!? I have to look that up to know where exactly it is…^^;;;; the lasagna seems like ravioli. so are Croatian food like Italian? Definitely look tempting (unlike Italian), I wanan try!

  2. Wow Croatia! What a niche cusine, and rare that it’s a stylish place in Ginza instead of a small family owned place. The food looks very interesting and yummy. Everything, especiallyl the cabbage roll, looks really good. Carpaccio is ham?

  3. Oh I typed the wrong word for the fish. Carpaccio is just fish marinated in olive oil. I have that often in Italian restaurants. This lunch I went with people I never met(^^;;) – I joined a gourmet community and they have many lunch and dinner events on weekends. This is one of the series of events where we try out the cuisines of the countries that are in the World Cup. Next week I will go for Sweden food! Yeah!

  4. Oh is this a diff. gourmet group from the previous one? What a neat idea~ Though can you really find some of the country in Japan? (like Cameroon or something) ^^;;

  5. Yeah different gourmet group. I kinda dropped out from the previous one. Oh apparently all those difficult small countries will be grouped into one category, like “African”. ^^;;

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