Thani Kitchen(タニ・キッチン@大森)

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Tod Man Pla(Fried fish pancake). Pad Thai(Fried noodle). Both superb.
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Soup noodles with entrails, Northeast Thai style. The noodles are in slices and rolled up, very very good!
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Sausage Northeast Thai style. Seafood fried curry(with egg). Fantastic x 2.
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Beef and herb salad. Good but mainly meat and quite salty, would be great to eat with rice though. Tom Yam Noodle.

060211 180.jpgSome super sweet coconut dessert, forgot the name. 4 girls shared all the food, with 2 drinks each, only 2000yen per person!! So cheap!! Though the location of the restaurant is not so convenient. The food were all very mild and not spicy. Wonder if it is Northeastern style or just toned down for Japanese customers. And the very sweet and friendly madam happened to have lost her voice that day but we kept asking her this and that. ^^;;
Thani Kitchen

4 thoughts on “Thani Kitchen(タニ・キッチン@大森)

  1. oooo this one made to “my favorites”. The noodle looks great, and I’m curious to try the sausages. They all look great, esp. since I just had bad thai food today -__-

  2. Oh is that dessert with taro? (there’s a cute name to it…ahh…forgot)

  3. Yeah the roll noodles just taste exactly like chinese Ho-fun. The dessert was not taro…something that are probably 90% sugar, argh, I can’t remember the name too~~~I will ask my friend whom I went with. ^^;;;

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