Aux Delices de Hongo (オ・デリス・ド・本郷)

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White asparagus confit. Very good.
Terrine of pig feet, ear, tongue, and cow stomach, with hotspring egg. Somehow it tastes Chinese but very good too.
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フォアグラのフラン トリュフ風味。
プーラルド ドゥミ ドゥイユ。
Flan of foie gras with truffle. Unbelievable! *o*!! Can never look at chawanmushi the same way again.
Poularde demi-deuil(for 4 people). Wow~~.
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My god, never eaten so much truffle in my life! The sauce is rich and the chicken tender and soft. Plus truffle truffle all over, a huge bubble of heavenly smell engulfed me during the time I enjoyed this dish~. How I didn’t want it to end!
竹の子。Grilled bamboo shoot. Never tried it before. Just used our hands to tear the skin off, tasted really great on its own.

060305 130.jpg紅玉の温かいパイ、バニラアイス添え。Warm apple pie with Vanilla ice-cream. Very crispy and not too sweet, super yummy. I went with someone who knows the chef and the sommelier well and we were served special menu and each dish came with a glass of specially chosen wine to match the dish. I didn’t take pictures but the 2 glasses of white wine I had with the terrine and foie gras were sooooooo good that I was in awe throughout the entire meal. So nice to go with someone who is true gourmet, X-D!!
Aux Delices de Hongo

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  1. Hey hey happy birthday seat! ^O^
    Go eat a big big fancy meal for your bday~~

    oh my this looks really realy good. The flan of foie gras with truffle must taste (and smell) soooo good!! I wish I can try that~~ haha did u guys get the truffle special or something? it’s almost like an Iron Chef competition with truffle theme. The terrain looks almost like raddish cake 😀

    Haha so you guys got special treatment because your friend knows the chef? That’s always a good thing.

  2. Ooooooooh thank you!! ToT!!
    Today no one asked me out!! So just had lunch myself and work in office as usual!!
    Tomorrow I might take a day off and watch Narnia with my friend and pig out – not sure yet.

    The restaurant got fresh truffle that day and they wanted to use it while it is still good, so we were actually lucky that the truffle was very generously used in our dinner, also the gourmet I went with was a big factor for this huge service. He is a huge fan of chinese food too, and I was thinking “raddish cake” when I saw the terrine but didn’t say, he spoke my mind right away, hahaha.

  3. Happy Bday…
    Well, I hope u will be in Jpn around may…^^;
    I am going to Jpn (yeah, again…)

  4. Wow, Inoka, I’m amazed you remember!! I totally forgot about yours!! ^^;;; (I am really crap in remembering bdays)
    Yeah I will be around in May, call me!

  5. ooh catching up with the entries! I’m now at Mammoth, working in the house and looking out to the beautiful snow (amd eating very redneck here, all ribs and beefs and burgers). 😀 I’d write about it later with photos. Happy birthday Seat!

    haha the terrain does look like raddish cake. The flan of foie gras looks tooooo godo! Poularde demi-deuil is chicken..? this whole course looks heavenly~~

  6. Thanks Freda!! RP and yours are coming soon too!!

    Yeah, apparently that is a special type of chicken that is raised in total darkness….very cruel but it makes the chicken’s meat soft and tender…! ^^;;;

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