Ristorante Museo (リストランテ・ムゼオ)

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海老とにんじんのムース ズッキーニ巻き、ロビオラのキッシュ、アスパラと合挽き。ジャガイモのスープ。
Prawn and carrot mousse rolled in zucchini, ricotta cheese quiche, asparagus and minced meat terrine. Potato soup.
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My friend’s choice: Sakura shrimp and karasumi(fish roe) cream spaghetti.
My choice: Ham and broccoli paccheri.
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ババロアリゾーニ。Risoni bavarois.(Risoni is rice-shape pasta)
An absolutely perfect lunch experience!! Every dish is delicious, especially the pasta, which is so simple yet incredibly good, and served in a satisfying big porton too. Pasta lunch course including appetizer, soup, pasta, dessert and coffee, is only 1800yen even on a weekend. Considering those super expensive but no good Italian I have had recently, this place is heaven. Oh also, the waitor seems to have good ears. It was my friend’s birthday but we kept it rather quiet, yet her dessert came with a candle and chocolate drawings on the plate. Then we were talking about some cappuccino cafe nearby which does very pretty drawings on the foam, and somehow the cappuccinos at the end of the lunch course were something we never expected of a restaurant…the birthday gal had “Happy Birthday” written in Japanese on her cappuccino…how lovely. Definitely want to go back again.

6 thoughts on “Ristorante Museo (リストランテ・ムゼオ)

  1. やっぱり、このお店知ってる。どっかで聞いたことあるみたい! パッケリって言うパスタが本当に美味しそう!!

  2. The bunny face is sooooooo cute~~~!!!!! *melts*
    Haha maybe they monitor customers the way Las Vegas casinos do and listen in on your every word ^^;;; But it’s all good, heart-warming services 🙂

  3. RP>
    err…that sounds scary…
    Maybe we were talking louder than we thought…^^;

    I wonder if it is that hard…


  4. That sounds sooo lovely~ Smart waitresses who knows how to win customer heart!! CUTE Bunny coffee!!!

    paccheri is the folding crepe like pasta? Interesting~ do they wrap with something beneath? The fish roe spaghetti sounds Japanese.

  5. It was all waitors no waitresses! ^^;
    Paccheri is not crepe, but a big size version of penne, that’s why I didn’t complain it being overcooked…^^;;

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