7 thoughts on “Sadaharu AOKI

  1. シーさん、ふと思い出したのだけど、帰りにオレンジ+ショコラとか買おうかなって思っていたのに、ハプニング勃発で買いそびれたと思わない!?

  2. 買うつもりだったの?

  3. 買おうか決めてなかったけど、完璧に忘れてた^^;

  4. Look so incredibly good, what’s the flavor of millefeuille? I can’t decide which I favor more (in my #1 fav. dessert type: mousse or millefeuille (so hard to find good one though).

  5. The millefeuille is standard custard taste, the pastry part is more salty than the usual though. Oh mousse is your favourite along with millefeuille?! If I had the choice I would never choose mousse…prefer something more solid and heavy. ^^;;

  6. Indulgence~ ;D I understand the need to feel the crust the cream. I choose mousse precisely because it’s light and easier to finish . I know I like sweets but sometimes maybe because of being traumatize too many times by US’s jumbo size cake, I find that the pleasure of eating cake only lasted in the first couple spoonful, then it just became a guilty chore to finish.

  7. That’s the difference. In Japan, cakes are always so small and not very sweet, so mousse are not as satisfying compared to the others. Though I like cheese mousse-type desserts like panna cotta or blanc manger…but that is for after-meal dessert, not stand-alone cake. ^^;;

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