Wrap & Dog Cafe

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豚のタコスプレート、700円。Pork tacos, spicy Buffalo chicken wings and Kheema curry spring roll. Cute little cafe with pictures of doggies all over the place. Food is great too.
Wrap & Dog

4 thoughts on “Wrap & Dog Cafe

  1. ここ知ってる!!何度か前を通ったことあってこの、派手さ加減が結構気になってたお店。

  2. えっ?!知ってるの?!(^^;)

  3. Crazy doggie!!! *O* It’s so strange to see ‘taco’ on your blog ^^;; Though doesn’t look trendy, but is it the kind of cafe that serve all kinds of ethnic food?

  4. They only have fastfood type of menu like tacos rice, hotdogs etc. The location of the shop is in some local areas where you simply can’t expect trendy style~

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