Unbalance (あんばらんす)

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ズワイガニの和風サラダ。Crab salad.
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Fatty pork and omelette-style tako-yaki. The pork is good but has a little too much fat….even for me(^^;;). The tako-yaki just tastes like those normal ball-shape tako-yaki but in a pancake form and doesn’t have much octopus inside…This place is owned by the famous sumo guy Konishiki, who is originally from Hawai. The restaurant is divided into two parts, Japanese and Hawaiian. We went to the Japanese side, where they serve chanko hotpot which is a typical food for sumo-san. Most customers ordered the hotpot…maybe we should have too. The other part of the restaurant serves Hawaiian food, including some jumbo huge size hamburger and steak. My friend whom I went with, sort of chickened out after seeing the scary menu on the Hawaiian side so we went to the Japanese side. ^^;;

4 thoughts on “Unbalance (あんばらんす)

  1. ブタの角煮~!!脂身と肉のあのミルフィーユ状態のところが大好き!ここ、三ヶ月、作ってくれる人がいるので、かなり頻繁に食べてるよ~^^

  2. 肉と脂のミルフィーユ!その通り!なははは~~

  3. the pork does look fatty~ ^^;;; The tako yaki looks soooo stuffy…way too big for a finger comfort snack!

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