La Casquette(ラ・カスケット@初台)

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Bread was served warm, with butter and pork rillette.
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My friend’s appetizer: White asparagus bavarois with broccoli sauce. Mine: Smoked duck and persimmon salad.
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My main dish: Roasted quail stuffed with wild rice and mushroom pilaf. My friend’s: Lamb cous cous, La Casquette style.
ワイルドライスと茸のピラフを詰めたウズラのロースト、カレー風味。仔羊のクスクス ラ・カスケット風。
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Strawberry milk La Casquette style. Some kind of huge grapefruit terrine and mango sorbet.
060406 009.jpgHuge portion simple bistro food with full dinner course only about 4000yen and house wine ~700yen per glass. Very cheap! The quail was not bad, I have had better though not as cheap as this place. My friend’s cous cous and lamb chop came with an impossibly massive family-size bowl of vegetable soup with chunks of vegetables and more lamb and sausages inside, she couldn’t even finish one-third of it and I ended up helping her and stuffed with a bursting stomach. The waitor recommended “strawberry milk” to us for desserts and we were rather skeptical but ordered it anyway, turned out to be a slice of frozen strawberry with ice-cream underneath and the waitor poured hot milk onto it; quite a big pretentious fuss but it tasted good. ^^;; The atmosphere was not exactly that friendly….actually quite gloomy, but the waitor was certainly polite and helpful. Other tables’ food looked really good…don’t mind going back again and try other menu.
La Casquette

2 thoughts on “La Casquette(ラ・カスケット@初台)

  1. The stuffed quail sounds so good~ it’s already so small yet still stuffed ^^;;; The Strawberry milk sound so interesting, does the frozen strawberry get soften after the hot milk (it has to be pretty hot I guess?).

    The interior looked pretty well lit (esp. light from kitchen) compare to the jet black places I’ve been here…^^;;; I remember one French bistro I went to in NY was so dark and claustrophobic that I started to recall my dark nightmares and got a bit disturbed. I never get what the point when you can’t even see the color of your food.

  2. Actually the hot milk froze and stuck to the frozen strawberry slice…quite interesting.

    Yeah, I hate dark restaurants with just like one candle to light up a table. I have a different kind of paranoia eating in the dark – can’t see if the food has insects. ^^;;; But cocktail bars will be nicer dark though, an illusion that you can talk about any secrets without anyone overhearing. ^^;;

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