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Duck pate sandwich, it is sooooooo nice!!! The bread is homemade and nicely toasted, the pate is such a thick slice~. Want to go back to try their full course lunch, which the ojisan in the picture ordered and he kept telling the waitor how he delicious it was and in fact took pictures using his mobile phone…maybe he has a food blog too. ^^;;
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060503 011.jpg黒豚のリエット、豚モモスライスのグリル 生姜風味のソース、ガトーショコラ。
Second visit. Pork rillettes, grilled pork with ginger sauce, gateau chocolat. Lunch course is 2500yen. The quality turned out to be choice-dependent. I went with a friend and two of us ordered different appetizers, main dishes and desserts to share. The line-up in the pictures were all quite good, but the marinated vegetables, roasted chicken stuffed with prawn and orange tart were just so-so. The sandwich lunch is much better!

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  1. Love the ojisan pic. Sucker for view from tall glass window sort of… thing 🙂 Haha I like the fact that he actually took pix of the dishes!

  2. XDDDD You’re not alone!!!
    Those glass panels are so beautiful, what a nice view. I always found pate sandwich hard to eat, even if it’s thinner slice…The first couple bites might be nice, then…the bread just seems a bit unnecessary. Plus, I want more than just bread + block of pate for my sandwich ^^;;

  3. パテの分厚さに目が釘付け!!ツォップのパテカンに匹敵もしくはもっと厚いね!!

  4. やっこさん>

    The restaurant is on the 4th floor, very nice~! Oh I had difficulty eating it too~~ actually I am really crap and usually make a mess eating hamburgers and sandwiches, either with my hands or with knife and fork! Though I like to eat the pate and the bread together, just took a bite on the bread and then a bite on the pate and sandwhich them again in mouth. ^^;;;

    Funny thing is after the waitor served the main dish, he stood besides the ojisan and started chatting, the ojisan sorta pretended to cut the meat but didn’t really eat, as if to wait for the waitor to leave…but then he gave up waiting and took out his mobile phone and said, “Oh haha, the food looks so good, let me take a picture.” as if he just thought of it suddenly, but it was rather obvious he intended to take pictures from the beginning but was embarassed to do so while the waitor was looking…Ah, all so familiar dilemma of a blogger…^^;;

  5. 少しづつじゃ消化し切れないかも。

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