Ristorante UA

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Prawn and broccoli, curry cream sauce spaghetti, 900yen. Can tell from the pic that it is one of those over-cooked pasta with the sauce just mixed with the pasta but not cooked together. Well I sorta had the feeling that it would be that kind of pasta place when I saw the front door, but it took me a long time to find the place and was starving, so just went in anyway. ^^;; From the homepage, the chef seems to be a man, but when I went for lunch, only a young girl was cooking and serving…hmm.

2 thoughts on “Ristorante UA

  1. so you knew about this place and specially search out for it but at the door, you know it’s probably not so good…? ^^;; Perhaps the actual chef would cooked better.

  2. I read about this place from someone’s blog and the pasta in the pictures looked quite good, and it is a “ristorante”(^^;;), but the dirty front door tells you much…

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