cafe ano

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Supposed to be Czech cuisine…even though I have been to Prague before, I have absolutely no memory of the food there, being budget backpacking and all.
Some Czech liqueur…STRONG and spicy. Some super-sour cheese soup, with pieces of avocado. Interesting…
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Sausages and pickled cabbage. Czech risotto…just tomato-sauce chicken rice with paprika.
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Best thing in the course – pancake with cheese inside. Quite salty but goes well with beer – of course Czech beer.
Beef stew and steamed bread. Well if you call it Czech…

060430 101.jpgSome milk pudding with (canned?)fruits. Tastes like stuff you make from those supermarket pudding mix…^^;;
cafe ano

3 thoughts on “cafe ano

  1. The food looks so comfort food type…haha sounds like I’d like it for the strong cheesy and salty taste. Yeah they looked like it could be some generic western food…^^:;

  2. Ha you sound so skeptical of the food being Czech. Czech food probably is like this…

  3. Maybe I was too mean about the food…^^;; But being authentic Czech or not, it was probably not my favourite taste…

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