Carosello (カロセッロ) CLOSED

0605011 010.jpg春キャベツとアンチョビのトマトソース、セットで1000円。Cabbage and anchovy in tomato sauce. Actually not bad! Pasta not too over-cooked and the tomato sauce was good. See, I am not that fussy~~

3 thoughts on “Carosello (カロセッロ) CLOSED

  1. haha I’d love to have simple non-overcooked, alright tasting pasta for convinient lunch every other day…they are fast, easy and satisfying.

  2. as in compare to sandwich, pizza…I much prefer well cook easy to eat basic pasta

  3. I don’t get full from sandwich and pizza…I need rice or noodles(maybe it is the difference in water content ^^;;).

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