Trattoria Toy

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First visit. Bacon and peas and vegetables spaghetti, 1000yen. Cheap but taste so-so.
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0605020 007.jpg野菜とパンチェッタのリングィネ、1200円。
Second visit. Linguine with vegetables and pancetta. The place I wanted to go was closed on Sat and this place was just next door so I just tried it again. I made a mistake of ordering something very similar to the one I had before! But luckily this time the amount of ingredients was more generous and it actually tasted alright.
Trattoria Toy

5 thoughts on “Trattoria Toy

  1. What a wonder, how can business close on Sat?
    Last time you had veggie + bacon, this time it’s veggie + italian bacon…^^;;;

  2. oh this restaurant opened a branch in LA, I saw in newspaper. I thought the name sounded familiar so I searched in yours, and you trashed it so bad ha…no need to try haha!

  3. That area is really JUST offices so very very quiet during weekend~. When the same-looking veggy+bacon came out, I think the waitor caught me scowling…^^;;;

    The Italian in L.A. is this one but the one I went to which was no good is this one…same name but different chain! Should go try try~

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