La Grappe(ラ・グラップ)

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Pork blood sausage and cheese puff, both are hot and very good.
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人参のムースとコンソメジュレ うに添え。
Carrot mousse and consomme jelly and sea urchin. Have had similar thing in other restaurants but still can’t resist ordering it. It is nice~.
Grilled quail and bamboo shoot in madeira wine sauce. The sauce was too salty… My friend ordered the fish and apparently it was fantastic….hmm, just unlucky?
060530 047.jpg自家製ケーキの盛り合わせ:パッションフルーツのムース、バニラアイス、バナナタルト。
Passion fruit mousse, banana tart and vanilla ice-cream. Not bad. Dinner course, with a glass of wine, about 5000yen.
La Grappe

6 thoughts on “La Grappe(ラ・グラップ)

  1. wow the pork blood sausage are very dark color! Are they a bit like the dim sum kind? (or Taiwanese kind ?) The carrot mousse sounds too good, so exotic!! *O* Is this the after hardwork “treat yourself fine French dinner course” ? ^^

  2. Chinese sausages are much harder, I think? This one is soft, tastes like liver. The carrot mousse is much stronger taste than the uni so I end up eating the uni on its own though…^^;;
    Yeah, hell is over, it is party time!

  3. このお店、しんぷさんのHPにものってたね!

  4. そう、そう、ウニの前菜は同じだ。

  5. あっ、本当だ、大事なフォアグラがのってない、、、

  6. 私もしんぷさん食べたのあれが出てくると期待したので、

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