Bistrot du Moulin(ビストロ・デュ・ムーラン@吉祥寺)

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Went with a hk friend to hang about in kichijoji where there are many cute shops and cafes, but since I am not a big fan of cafe food, we went to this cheap and casual bistro, which is not near the hip shopping area so rather empty even during lunch time on Sunday. Lunch set was 1600yen, with green peas soup and grilled pork. The pork is kinda branded so plus 200yen, though it tasted pretty normal to me.
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Gateau chocolate and souffle caramel. Gateau fromage and creme brulee. Not a bad place for a quiet lunch if you are in that area.
Bistrot du Moulin

2 thoughts on “Bistrot du Moulin(ビストロ・デュ・ムーラン@吉祥寺)

  1. (Oh my comment from yesterday didn’t show up…?)
    I wonder if mustard and pork are a Japanese combine? Like in pork cutlet~

  2. Yeah pork and mustard is quite common. In US it is beef steak and mustard?

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